We truly believe great organizations can only be grown by great people, and we are staffed by the very best our State has to offer.

In conjunction with our law enforcement, military and civilian trainers, we have multiple former special operations associates.

 While our technical skills are significant, the most prolific skill set we possess is our ability to connect with people. Retail or service, our ability to connect creates an unparalleled leadership level in our business which positively influences service at the point of delivery.

We have strong personal and business relationships with attorneys, forensic psychologists, law enforcement, military, and others to keep quality talent in front of each class we teach.

-Carolina Barrel and Blade

Services we offer

  • Retail Sales

  • Indoor Range

  • Reality Based Training

  • Church Security Team Training

  • Defensive Courses for Real Estate Personnel

  • Custom Gun Builds

  • Law Enforcement Security

  • Military Security

  • Professional Armed Security

  • Coffee Sales