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  • Key Defense

    This is one of the most popular courses we teach. The CB&B Key Defense Course is a basic to intermediate level law enforcement style self-defense course. The primary purpose of this program is to supply the individual with knowledge and skill sets necessary for the safe and legal use of the ASP Key Defender. Topics and techniques include, striking, key flail and pepper spray use.

  • Knife Defense & Countermeasures

    Our knife fighting course is a loose compilation of Arnis, Military and law enforcement techniques. The highly dynamic class is a requisite for security, military and anyone else who carries a knife for self defensive purposes. This is an intermediate level class encompassing forward and reverse grip techniques, traps, rakes and much more.

  • First Shot

    The CB&B First Shot Class is a must for anyone of any skill level wishing to improve on technical shooting ability. Adhering to the belief good shooters do the basics really well, this course is a must for the beginning shooter as we install basic shooting habits. This class is also great for the self-taught, intermediate or even advanced shooters, as there is careful attention placed on basic shooting skills. This is primarily a deployment and employment course with topics centered on proper grip, employment, sight alignment and trigger press.

  • Next Level

    The Next Level pistol course, as the name implies, moves the shooter past grip-pull-connect-punch-sight-trigger press the next evolution of requisite skills. This course trains the shooter in proper magazine or speed loader changes, clearing malfunctions off hand shooting and much more. We prefer shooters have attended the first shot course or its equivalent.

  • Transitional Shooting

    Building on skills from first shot and next level, our transitional shooting course is one of a kind as it prepares the shooter to enter into more advanced courses. This course is the first introduction to tactical shooting. This course teaches the shooter movement when transitioning for position, barricade use, cover and concealment use and out of position shooting. This course is benefical to anyone who carries a firearm for defensive reasons. The techniques taught in this course are also valuable to armed professionals, competitive shooters, of those wishing to begin competitive combat style shooting.

  • Acute Angle Protective Shooting

    This series is without a doubt our flagship course. AAPS courses are a must for any serious defensive minded shooter and is avaialbe in four levels that musth be taken in sequence. Initially designed to teach police, military and security the angle to give them a greater understanding of trajectory, AAPS has evolved into a one of a kind course teaching skill sets to improve probability of a hit on the bad guy while reducing the probability of a hit on a passerby. This is only viable course we know of designed solely for shooting in crowded environments.

  • AR Builds

    Why buy an AR-15 off the shelf when you can build a custom gun for your specifications and save money. Packages start at $575 and move up from there.

  • SC Concealed Weapons Permit

    Concealed weapons permits are probably the most encountered courses. Our trainers provide the highest quality and attention in our industry. We only do small groups of 6-8 people so you have our undivided attention. By doing small groups everyones questions are answered, safety is easily managed and class time is reduced.

  • Protecting the Fait

    Protecting the faith is an introductory level course for directors of religious institutions and security team members. Participants will receive valuable advice on team selection, legal commentary, team deployment, team structure, strategies working with the CWP holders, threat assessment, training requirements and much more. We then introduce you to countering an active shooter which is primarily designed to indoctrinate team members and prospective team members in terminology relative to active shooter training and methods of movement. Protecting the faith is required to progress to the 12 Legions Course.

  • 12 Legions

    The 12 Legions course is the cumulating of many years of training in angle and counter active shooter training. This course encompasses Acute Angel Protective Shooting, Transitional Shooting, Simmuntions training and Counter Active Shooter Course all conducted in 16 action packed hours. This course is great for church teams or individual wishing to advance or hone critical shooting skills relative to defensive shooting.

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